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Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy

We provide speech-language therapists who are skilled in the following areas: Articulation, Apraxia, Language Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Autism, Rett syndrome, Receptive/Expressive Communication Disorders, Feeding/Dysphagia, Voice, Accent Reduction, Social Skills, Public Speaking, Dysfluency and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Augmentative Communication & Assistive Technology (AAC/AT)

We provide the following services: Assessment, Reports to Document the Medical Necessity for the Insurance Funding of Devices, Treatment, Training, Workshops, Consultation, Programming of Devices, and the Development of AAC Tools

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is therapy based on performing the meaningful activities of daily life (self-care skills, education, work, or social interaction). Our therapists are skilled in Sensory Integration for children and adults with developmental or acquired disabilities.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists utilize movement, various hands on techniques, and exercise of all types in order to improve your potential to live the life you desire.

Behavioral Specialists

Let our behavioral specialists assist you in problem solving the cause and function of negative behaviors. They will meet with you and your team to provide you with necessary tools and/or strategies to decrease or replace the behavior. Remember ... "Behavior is a form of communication."